Children's Letters from
Deanshanger Primary School
After the closure and demolition of the works, the children at Deanshanger Primary School were asked to state their opinions as to how the site should be developed for the future. Here are some extracts from letters they sent to South Northamptonshire Council Planning Department:
"I am angry and disappointed that you have not taken into consideration the opinions and ideas of the village people when proposing the new housing development."
"In Deanshanger there is very little to do for recreational activities for all ages. It surely would have been better to have built a development with a smaller number of houses and have room to have built something attractive and useful to give the whole community something."
"I know things have to change that they can't stay the same forever. People are far more able to adapt and accept changes if they feel that they've shared in someway in contributing to the decisions that are made to change things."
"All the time some ringing anger is piercing my ears because Deanshanger might turn into a small town, I have never lived properly in a town and I never will because of the fumed cars and smoke and the amount of pollution that will be increased."
"What I think should be built is:
1. A creche for little children.
2. A full weeks doctors surgery.
3. Dentist.
4. An after school and holiday youth club for older children.
5. Some houses.
6. Some shops for unemployed people.
7. And a bigger nursery if your going to build more houses."
The school children were also asked to express their views on alternative development of the site, in other ways such as model making, drawing and painting.

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