Children's Drawings and Ideas for the Site
Children from the primary school were asked what they would like to have in place of the works, whether it be realistic or fantastical.

These are details from some of their designs, please click on them to see a larger image.

Aurelia, aged 10, would like to see a rain forest planted on the site.
11 year old Kirsty would rather have a swimming pool there. A common theme in the children's ideas was food!
Michael, aged 9, came up with this design.
Another Sarah, aged 10 planned lots of different activities on her site.
Sarah, aged 9, designed an exciting playground with a space theme.
Here are some of Liz's many original ideas:

Gunge Gulley: It is a pit of multi coloured gunge with black stepping stones. If you fall in (even on purpose) there is an automatic giant hair dryer that blows the gunge into the filter. This sorts out the gunge into the right colours so that it goes back into the pit so that none of it is wasted.

Flower Power: This is a high up plank with bright plastic flowers. These are really giant water squirters that you jump on. The tube taking you back to the ground is towel material inside so that it dries you off as you go down.

This represents a mere 6 centimetres of eight-year-old Liz's 2 1/2 metre work of art!
Other children made three dimensional models.

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