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Throughout the years that the schools have been opened there have been problems with the weather from one extreme to another.

Rain and Floods

On occassions through the years the town of Newport Pagnell has seen heavy rainfall and floods. Roads have been unpassable and children turning up so wet that they had to be sent home again. With this the school has had low attendance, also it has had to close on a few occasions.


There have been heavy snowfalls over the years which has meant that children and staff haven't been able to turn up to school or have needed to be sent home early in case they couldn't get home at the end of a normal school day. On one occassion a teacher decided to start sending pupils home as soon as they reach school because no other staff had turned up and they didnít know how many would.


During the summer the heat can become unbearable and work starts to suffer. On the 26th July 1905 the thermometers in the school recorded 80 degrees for most of the week and the drill had to be cancelled because of this. In the 1980's the school sports day had to be changed to the morning because the heat in the afternoons was to extreme.


In all the original buildings there are vents in the high ceilings to create drafts for the coal fires in the early days of the schools life. These vents caused loads of problems in winter due to cold drafts going through them.

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