Ridgmont Lower School 2001
During the war there was a house attached to the school building which was occupied by the Cook family. The grassed area adjacent to the car park was their garden. Children entered the school either from Eversholt Road (if they were girls) or from the High street (if they were boys).

The Cook's house had three rooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. The house only had cold running water (no hot!). Mr and Mrs cook lived there with their three children. The picture below is a copy of the house plans.

How many rooms does your house have?


The inside toilets now at school were not built until approx. 1960. During wartime children used outside toilets which were earth closets. Mr and Mrs Cook did not have an inside toilet either-they had to use the ones outside too and they didn't have a bathroom.

Originally the school was surrounded by railings but in 1942 they were removed to be melted down for the war effort.


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