Soundclip from 1980 'Tango for Band'
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Jim Drinkwater
Richard Birchall
While the ladies supporters were busy organising events for the band, the bandsmen could fully concentrate on their performances. Old Time Dances and Sequence Dances were firm favourites not only with the locals. The Wolverton Town Band was the only one in the area that played the type of music that could be used for these dances. It had to be 8, 16 or 32 bar sequences, which meant a lot of the scores had to be altered (see score above). In 1972 one of these dances was held in the BR canteen and over 100 people, some of whom had travelled from London and Derby, attended the Old Time Dance.

The music was really old then and a lot of the dancers were in the age group that remembered these songs very well. They enjoyed dancing to this music so much that they would request some songs over and over again. Due to the changes in the keys and notes, it was quite a task for the bandsmen to play through an evening. But the amount of successful evenings and the money they earned towards their funds made it all worth it.

Old Time Dance Event in 1970
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