Sound clip from 1980 'Teddy Bears's Picnic'
Left : The Wolverton B.R. Band on the 26. October 1962 , taking part in the 'Daily Herald' National Brass Band Championship held in London
Below shows the Band practising in the works canteen for the National Brass Band Championship 1968/69 with John Smith conducting. Out of 18 entries the band gained third place in the fourth section with 180 out of 200 points, winning £ 15.

A number of supporters travelled with the band to the Albert Hall concert in the evening, when they heard the massed bands play Tschaikovsky's thunderous 1812 overture.

Above: the Wolverton Town Band right in front of the old entrance to the works. The band changed its name to Wolverton British Railway and Town Silver Band in 1951 to acknowledge the strong links between the works and the town. They used to meet in the engineering canteen to practice. As the Railway Works began to reduce numbers of workers and a lot of the buildings were demolished, the band had to look elsewhere to find a room to practice. In May1989 they then changed their name back to Wolverton Town Band and adopted the Wyvern dragon symbol on their name board when the school gave them the practice room they needed. In November 1992 the band moved to another new home, this time the newly completed Old Bath House and Community Centre in Wolverton.
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