The Wolverton Gilbert & Sullivan Society was founded by Arnold Jones in 1974. Their first performance was held in 1975 with 'HMS Pinafore'. With virtually no money the members had to improvise with the costumes and scenery. In the early days they could rely on the help from the Railway Works for material to do the scenery and McCorquodales helped out by printing the programmes. Productions were held in the College of Further Education at Stratford Road in Wolverton.

The Wolverton Gilbert & Sullivan Society moved their production to Stantonbury Theatre in 1980 with 'The Gondoliers' being their first performance there. By then they were making enough money to be able to hire scenery and costumes, and now there are about 30 to 40 members to the Society.

Some years ago there was a heated debate in the Gilbert & Sullivan Society about doing a wider variety of operatic music. Some felt they would like to do more than just Gilbert & Sullivan music. It also would give them the opportunity to do more singing without the acting performance. The majority of the members voted to stay entirely a Gilbert & Sullivan Society. The remaining members decided to form the Music Makers.

The Society now does a Gilbert & Sullivan Production every spring. In late summer they do a concert at the Linford Art Centre for the people who perhaps didn't have a principal part at other productions to give them a chance to express themselves.

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