Arnold Jones
1919 - 1998
Arnold Jones, the Orchestra and the Choir
Arnold Jones was the driving force behind the music scene in Wolverton. He was the conductor for the Wolverton Light Orchestra for many years and a founder of the Wolverton Gilbert and Sullivan Society. He worked with many church choirs and founded the Harnomy Singers for the Methodist Church in Wolverton.
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The appearance of the Menuhin Festival Orchestra with Yehudin Menuhin himself as soloist and conductor must have been the most talked musical occassion in the town's history. On Saturday, June 3rd 1972 over 700 people attended St. Georges Church in Wolverton to listen to the Orchestra, which was founded in 1958 by the leader Robert Masters at the request of Yehudi Menuhin as a recording orchestra, performing music by Elgar. The highlight came after the interval, when Yehudi Menuhin himself played Mozart's Violin Concerto. The orchestra then performed the last part of the concert, which was Haydn's Symphony No. 85 in B-flat major.
Yehudi Menuhin in a concert given at St. Georges Church, Wolverton, in June 1972