The arrival of the evacuees in Wingrave more than doubled the size of the village school and inevitably created organisational problems. The evacuees were allocated the main room of the school, but this had to be subdivided into three classrooms by hanging war issue blankets from the ceiling. The blankets did little to stop the noise from one class disturbing the next one, but they did stop the heat from the single stove in the hall reaching the far end. Cherry-Anne was lucky - she was near the stove, but Lisbeth had to wear her outdoor coat all day to keep warm in winter.

The academic background and abilities of the London evacuees were very different from those of the local Wingrave children, and it was initially decided to teach the two schools separately. This approach did not find favour with the Wingrave headmaster, Mr Stubbs , who made representations to the Education Committee, and achieved integration of the two schools in January 1940.

Extracts from the school logbook illustrate the difficulties of organising school life in the autumn term of 1939.

Mr and Mrs Stubbs (centre) with the London and Wingrave teachers

Extracts from the logbook:

September 19th 1939. School reopened at 9am. The Burghley contingent of teachers declined to combine the two schools and work as one. In order to avoid friction, they were given the main room to themselves. As they are entirely a junior girls school difficulty with regard to text books is being encountered. Neither are there sufficient desks to accommodate the children.

November 21st 1939. Eight boys went after the hunters at mid day and did not arrive at school until 2.30pm (one and a quarter hours late). They were marked absent and were each given one stroke with the cane on the hand.

December 29th 1939. A letter has been received from the Secretary of State for Education following Mr Blocksidge's visit suggesting reorganisation of the school by amalgamating all of the children into three sections - seniors, juniors and infants. I propose to carry out this reorganisation as soon as the teachers' Christmas leave has been worked out.