As well as welcoming evacuee schoolchildren from North London, Wingrave welcomed the Czech government in exile under its President, Dr Benes for the duration of the war.

Contact between the schoolchildren and the Czechs was limited - indeed, for security reasons, the children were forbidden from visiting the Manor House where the Czechs were based.

One cold and frosty Christmas eve, however, Lisbeth, Cherry-Ann and their friends were singing carols in the village, and on an impulse decided to knock on the door of the Manor House. To their surprise, they were welcomed in by the cook and invited to sing in front of the entire Czech government in exile. Even more to their surprise, the last carol which they sang brought emotional tears to the eyes of the Czechs. The carol was "Rocking", a traditional Czech song, and one which reminded President Benes and his colleagues of their homeland far away on a cold Christmas eve.

Click here to hear the children of Wingrave School sing the carol and Lisbeth recount the story.

Cherry-Ann and Lisbeth's mother in Czech national costume