After school activities varied between winter and summer.

In winter, Cherry-Anne and Lisbeth entertained themselves listening to the radio before going to bed at 7 o'clock, or very occasionally, there was a film show or dance in the Temperance Hall.

On summer evenings, the girls would meet their friends at various meeting places in the village, or go cycling round the countryside.

Cherry-Anne has described the bicycle as "a real boneshaker", but this did not stop her from spending many evenings cycling around the countryside on the almost deserted roads. By today's standards, the bike was heavy and did not, of course, have any gears, so that a journey to and from Aylesbury was a fairly gruelling experience.

Whether on the bicycle or just out walking, the girls had to carry their gas masks with them, as shown in the photograph below.

One of the girls' favourite meeting places was "the log" - a large tree trunk which was positioned on the Winslow Road so that it could be swung out across the road to block any enemy advance into the village. At school, the children had been instructed not to tell any stranger the name of the village and to keep a look out for spies. Lisbeth, who enjoyed a joke, used to sit on the log watching for strangers, and when she saw someone, rushed to tell the village postmistress that there was a spy in the village.