The way that discipline has been upheld has varied during the school’s history.

In the early days it was most definitely the perogative of the Headmaster.

Some headmasters were severe disciplinarians, whilst others saw testing as the key to a disciplined school.

Over the years many misdemeanors resulted in the perpetrators being held to task. Following the Hunt seems to have regularly resulted in children receiving severe punishment.

Canings were common during the reign of John Henry Stubbs and we are told he used it even for inattention and ‘messing about'.

Doug Rickard (left), who attended school 1933-1941, tells us:

“The boys would hide the canes when Stubbsie wasn’t there but he would just cut a branch off the lilac tree and use that instead”.

Mr. Stubbs wasn’t the only one in the school using the cane as we hear from Frank King in his recollections of Minnie Rickard's English class.