Poverty was the greatest problem for the agricultural labourer in Wingrave. The loss of a child's income, along with the fees charged for attending school, meant many families couldn't afford to send their children to school. To keep 4 children at school for a week cost 5d, this was a significant part of a wage, especially if you only earned 10s 0d a week. Every penny counted.

Fees at Wingrave school, 1875
Farmers' children: 6d per week each
Tradesmen's children: 3d per week each
Labourers' children: 2d per week for the eldest
1d for each other child in the same family
Many families found the money hard to come by;

In one entry by James Wyatt (Headmaster) the school log states: "Fanny Bateman's mother refused to pay one week's school fee as the child had attended one day only."