An entry in the school log book on 5th October 1932 reports:

"During the whole morning there was an unpleasant smell of burning wood in the main room. Repeated attempts to locate it failed. At midday, after the children had been dismissed, clouds of smoke were seen issuing from the stove in the north-east of the main room, although the fire was practically burnt out.

Thoroughly examining the stove, I found that the smoke was issuing from the boards underneath. I immediately poured water onto it, reported to the managers, and sent for Mr Rickard at once. He came and removed the stove, when it was found that a hole the size of a football had been burnt in the floor and had commenced on the joists. Evidently it was a timely discovery".

Photo courtesy of Joyce Whipps
Joyce Whipps in 1952 standing by the stove