When we started our research on this project, we quickly became aware of the vast amount of material which existed within Wingrave on the village schools, and the pupils at the schools. Thus we have concentrated on the historical details in preference to the present-day school.

The task of condensing and organising so much material on to a small number of web pages turned out to be extremely challenging, and we were fortunate to be able to consult three Wingrave residents: Margaret Morley, Pru Goodwin and Joyce Whipps. Both Margaret and Joyce were teachers at the school, and Margaret has also co-authored with her husband, Ken, two definitive books on the history of the village. Pru has lived in Wingrave all of her life, and has assembled a vast amount of archive material. They have all given us a great deal of help, guidance and support.

We are particularly grateful to Margaret and Ken Morley for allowing us to use material from their book:
A Rothschild Village in the Vale
Published by: The Book Castle, 12 Church Street,Dunstable,LU5 4RU
ISBN 1 871199 99 9

and to Pru for suggesting long lists of contacts, for making her research files available to us and allowing us to reproduce her photographs and to Joyce for talking to us about life at the school during her time there. The individual items of their material which we have incorporated into the web site are detailed below.

Thanks also to Buckinghamshire Record Office for allowing us to reproduce the plans of the Parochial School and Hannah de Rothschild's Nursery School, document numbers AR 78/92/87 and 88.

We are also grateful for the help and support of many past pupils of Wingrave school who readily volunteered to be interviewed and who loaned us photographs and other artefacts to assist our research. The help and support of the current headteacher, Baird McClellan, our mentor, Yvonne Fensome and the rest of the staff of Wingrave school has also been of great assistance in allowing us to meet and work in the school library and giving us access to school log books and other documents.

The project would have not progressed as smoothly as it did without the guidance and encouragement of the Clutch Club team at the Open University, who led us through the mysteries of building web sites.

Finally, a big thank you to our spouses and families who encouraged us at every stage of the project, who put up with a computer on the dining room table throughout long weekends and who calmed us down at the end of midnight sessions fighting stubborn software.

Specific acknowledgements and credits are:

Home Page

Thanks to Trevor Hall for creating the blackboard and easel and the desk. Thanks to H Tempest Ltd, Pru Goodwin, Cherry-Anne Evans and Lisbeth Lloyd for the use of the photographs from which we took the vignettes.

Hannah's School

Thanks to Pat Roberts for allowing us to use Hilda Roberts' memories and photograph and to Pru Goodwin for allowing us access to her collection of photographs. Except where otherwise credited, the photographs used in this section are courtesy of Pru. Thanks also to Buckinghamshire Record Office, The Bucks Herald and the Rothschild Archive.

The Parochial School

Thanks to Doug Rickard and Frank and Grace King for talking to us and allowing us to use their photographs. Thanks to Margaret Morley for her help and advice on the content of this section and to Pru Goodwin for allowing us access to her collection of photographs. Except for the personal photographs and where otherwise credited, the photographs used in this section are courtesy of Pru.

Thanks also to Trevor May for helping us to record the school bell and allowing us to quote from his book:
The Victorian Schoolroom
Publisher: Shire Publications Ltd, Cromwell House, Church Street, Princes Risborough, HP27 9AA
ISBN: 0 7478 0243 2

and to the school and Buckinghamshire Records Office.

We would also like to thank Miss Joyce Whipps for providing such a valuable insight into the life and conditions during her time at the Parochial School and for allowing us to use the photograph of her standing by the old stove.

War Years

Thanks to Mrs Cherry-Anne Evans and Mrs Lisbeth Lloyd for the recorded interview of their memories of war time Wingrave, and for allowing their personal photographs to be incorporated in the website. All the photographs in this section are from their collection.

Thanks also to Miss Hogg and the children of Wingrave School for interrupting their hymn practice to sing the Rocking carol to us.

Today's School

Thanks to Margaret Morley for talking to us about her days as a teacher at the school, the Dinner Ladies for talking to us about how it used to be, and The Bucks Herald for allowing us to reproduce the photographs used in this section.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to our website, we really are very grateful to them as without them we would not have much of a site. Thank you also to everyone who loaned us material that did not make it on to the website. In the end we just ran out of time!

By the way we are (in alphabetical order): Caroline Castle, Julie Djuric, Julia Ellis, Elske Gardner, Liz Hall, Andrew Muir and Pam Pickering.