Walls These are 14" brick walls pointed inside and coloured above dado which is matched boarded and are in good repair
Partitions There is a glass panelled partition dividing school and classroom in good repair and a double panel boarded partition between parlour and school
Roofs and ceilings The tile roof is in good repair. The ceilings are plastered to ridge in school and to collar in classroom and both are in good order.
Floors The wood block flooring to both rooms are in good repair.
Heating and Ventilation

Heating Appliances satisfactory, economical

Provision of fire guards

Storage of coal and fuel

There is an open fire in each room giving sufficient heat.

X There are no guards to either of the above fires.

X There is a gable outlet for ventilation of school but no inlets.

There are 4 inlet ventilators to classroom but no outlet excepting window which answers for this as it is carried well at gable.

X There is no separate coals for housing being mixed 5'-9" x 5'-0"

Lighting natural and artificial The windows give sufficient light and are in good repair. Oil lamps are used.
Lavatory and cloakroom accommodation There is no lavatory but house washstand is used when required,

The cloakroom is in back entrance 10'-0" x 5'-6" and also off same 7'-0" x 4'-6"

Sanitary offices X There are two moules E.C and one urinal which is flushed with roof water, these are in good condition but not sufficient
Drainage and water supply There is no water supply, water being at present being obtained from village pump.

The drainage is carried into main road drain.

Playground X There is a well in the centre of the playground and is dangerous.

The playground is gravel but requires cleaning and weeding.

Fences X There is a barbed wire fence around the playground and garden at back which is in bad repair.

Wall and iron parallel fence in front and hedge next road at side of garden

Painting and colouring The colouring on walls is good and the stained work inside is also good.

The outside painting is chocolate with white sashes is in good condition.

Improvements and amendments necessary at once Matters requiring consideration are marked by X at side of same.
Where there is a dwelling house for a teacher or caretaker, state accommodation and general condition. House contains entrance lobby, parlour, kitchen, scullery and outbuildings, pantry and 4 bedrooms.

The windows require repairing and portion of sashes renewing the remainder is good.