Hannah de Rothschild's infants' school opened on January 15th 1877. The Rev. J Butt. Edward Hart Esq., E.M Lucas Esq. and J Seamonds Esq. were present.

The Parochial School's overflowing accommodation meant that the new Infant School was a Godsend and thirty infants were transferred there (thus freeing the East Room of the old school for the older children) and fifteen new children were admitted.

This was all built and operated entirely at Hannah's expense, her gift to the village.

In 1915 the County Education committee closed the babies' class for the "period of the war." By 1916 the pupils were transferred to the Parochial School, thus closing Hannah's school.

An extract from the local newspaper reports: "In 1919 the then Vicar of Wingrave, the Rev. W. Francis, purchased the property from Hannah's husband and presented it to the villagers for their own use. Initially it was used for many years as a men's club and later for village functions".

However, in 1939, the Church room was again opened as a school to accommodate the large number of evacuees (see "War Years" section) who came to Wingrave from London at the outbreak of World War II. It closed in 1945 when most of the evacuees went home.

The property was sold by auction in 1978, and has since been converted into two dwellings.