Hannah's much appreciated gift to Wingrave was the Infant School, but her generosity did not stop there. Every few years at Christmas both the Infant and Parochial School pupils were measured and later presented with red plush cloaks and white straw hats for the girls and black caps and red scarves for the boys. The teachers were also given cloaks and Hilda Roberts, a pupil teacher in 1893, treasured hers for many years.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, during the winter months, she also provided the children with rabbit stew and milk to drink. For her family's celebrations there were often free teas and holidays and each summer a special treat which was usually a tea.

Her gifts were even mentioned in the Bucks Herald Newspaper dated 2nd February 1889.

"New Year's Gifts,- On Friday, Jan. 18th, the girls attending the Countess of Rosebery's school were each presented with a beautiful red plush cloak and white hat trimmed with black velvet and each of the boys with a holland jacket, red scarf and black cap. These seasonable gifts of Lady Rosebery are very much appreciated by parents and children"