There was a large infant school room measuring 55 by 18 feet, adult reading room and large four bedroomed school house, for the school mistress. The children entered the school through the cloakroom at the back. There were earth closets at the end of the yard, a playground and inside along one wall tiered seating known as 'The Gallery'. Remaining floor space was taken up by 4 cumbersome 9 ft long desks with no backs, which the H.M.I recommended removing in 1914. Over the years many improvements were recommended. There was an open fire in the school room which was lit at the beginning of October and oil lamps which were used for lighting. During the period of the war children arrived at school for the winter session starting at 1:15pm and being dismissed at 3:15pm (as recommended by the education committee) to save light and coal. By 1894 the reading room for adults proved unpopular and became the 'babies' room'.

The staff was to consist of a mistress, a pupil teacher and a monitor. The school opened with Elizabeth Montague as mistress and Louisa Badrick aged 10 as monitor. By May 1877 Elizabeth Rickard was appointed as a candidate for pupil teacher. The school took children from three to seven years old, although there is a mention in the school log book that in May 1894 two under 3's were admitted and in September 1886, three under 3's were admitted, however these were usually turned away. At the age of seven the children were transferred to the Parochial School.

The children from Rowsham also attended the school from 2nd April 1894 when their school was closed and they were obliged to come to Wingrave. They had to walk across the fields, rain or shine (bad weather often kept them away) and brought packed lunches which they ate at school. The mistress found the children very backward in reading and writing with no idea of numbers.

In 1915 the County Education committee closed the babies' class for the duration of the war. By 1916 the pupils were transferred to the Parochial School, thus closing Hannah's school.