Willen Religion

Willen Vicars

The old church
1223 Alanus presented by Tickford Priory
1274 Richard died
1274 Robert de Combewell
1334 William de Craunfield resigned
1349 John de Stoke Goldington presented by the King
1366 Thomas Huddal
1381 Roger Derby Exchanged for Wennington, Essex, with
1389 Richard Aston Exchanged for Great Woolstone, with
1392 William de Wolaston Exchanged for Everton, Beds., with
1393 Adam Bricklesworth Exchanged for Shalford, Essex, with
1394 John Weston died
1416 Roger Coke de Gamylston
1435 John Whalley

1441 Thomas Weston died
1453 Richard Merston resigned
1459 Thomas Brere
1469 Robert Prudd
1477 John Laurence

1497 Robert Cook died
1501 John Christian
1540 Thomas Saxby presented by Anthony Cave, on suppression of Tickford Priory
1544 William Dane presented by Kings College, Oxford
1570 John Walwyn presented by Queen Elizabeth I
1573 Thomas Potter
1599 Thomas Underhill of Lincoln College, Oxford
1607 Robert Withers of Queen's College, Cambridge
1653 Thomas Bruer died
1657 Richard Reynolds
1659 Daniel Walsh left for Aldwinkle, Northants
1663 John Stephenson presented by King Charles II

The new church
In 1680 the old church was demolished and the present building erected at the expense of Dr. Richard Busby, Headmaster of Westminster School, who had bought the Manor of Willen. His Trustees became patrons of the living.

1712 John Bedford presented by the Trustees of Dr. Busby
1765 Daniel Shipton also rector of Wavendon
1806 William Page also Headmaster of Westminster School
1820 Thomas Gardner also Vicar of Broxby, Leics.
1832 George Phillimore
1852 John Benthall
1888 Rodney G. Randolph
1896 Edward H. Morris
1898 R. Hunsley Taylor
1903 William Merrin
1915 William Chaffer
1928 Malcolm Parker Shipman
1935 Arthur Montague Berry
1965 Job Maxwell Shaw
1970 Peter W. Waterman
Rev Ralph Martin, Priest in Charge, Society of the Sacred Mission,
1981 Rev. Gordon Holroyd S.S.M.
1986 Rev. Ian Jagger, Milton Keynes Ecumenical Parish
1994 Rev. Dilly Baker