Society of the Sacred Mission

The move to Willen


Following the closure of Kelham 1973, the members were given the choice of joining one of three smaller groups- either for academic work, inner city work or for just being there as a focus of spiritual life. The first group went to Lancaster and the second to Sheffield and the third to Willen

The centres in Lancaster and Sheffield have closed giving way to centres in Durham and Central London.

The SSM group that moved to Willen constructed its priory around the existing vicarage .The aim was to provide a spiritual focus in Milton Keynes and they carried out the following roles:

1 Provided an open and welcoming family life in the Priory where people stayed and shared life .

2 Centre of Minstry Training throughout Milton Keynes.

3 Pastoral work in the Willen area.

3 Worked closely with the Hospice.

4 Provided a catalyst for ecumenical projects throughout Milton Keynes.

For 11 years the SSM looked after the Willen Parish until the growth of the new city of Milton Keynes began to transform Willen. Because of a shortage of members , the Bishop of Buckingham was asked to appoint a priest in charge and Revd. Ian Jagger was appointed in 1985.

In 1997 the SSM moved out of the large priory buildings to smaller house now called the "SSM Priory". It is a welcoming place with a small chapel where guests have time to reflect ,to worship and recoup in a Christian Fellowship.