Restoration of Willen Church

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The work of the restoration of Willen Church began in 1955 and continued under the leadership of three clergy- Rev A M Berry, Rev J B Shaw and Rev PW Waterman. The restoration was acheived by the efforts of a small number of individuals, statutory bodies and charitable organisations who joined together to save the church that was rapidly approaching a state of ruin.

The restoration cost about £10,000 and of this £560 was raised by a broadcast appeal in 1956.

First the roof was repaired ,copper replacing the original lead , then electric heating was installed in place of solid fuel(the remains can be seen under the gratings in the aisle). The tower and the its decorative stonework were restored and finally in 1970 the interior was decorated and the plasterwork repaired. The Victorian glass ,which made the church very dark ,was replaced with clear glass. In 1972, a more modern organ ,by Mander replaced the Victorian instrument.