Religion: Tickford Priory

Manual Labour

Inside the priory buildings

The Cellarer managed the purchase of all food and drink, as well as fuel and other routine expenses. Food was stored in the larder and the butts of beer and wine were stored in the buttery. The Cellarer also looked after the diet of the sick.

The Kitchener was responsible for the preparation of food in the kitchens and the Refectorian oversaw the serving of meals, which were eaten in the refectory. Everyone in a monastery was given a daily allowance of one loaf of bread and one gallon of beer, which was brewed in the brewhouse, as well as meat four times a week and fish on Fridays. Everyone drank beer in the middle ages, even the children, because there was not much else safe to drink.

The Chamberlain was responsible for the monks' clothing, he also supervised bedding, bathing and shaving. The Prior slept in the prior's chamber, while the monks slept in the dormitory that was divided up into individual cells. The necessarium was the medieval version of a toilet block.

The Sacrist looked after the church and its funishings, as well as vestments, ornaments and lighting. Sometimes he would oversee any building work.

Pictures of cellerer tasting wine and monks eating in the refectory by D.Mynard courtesy of MK Parks Trust