Religion: Tickford Priory

Cluniac monasteries

Around 910 AD the Cluniacs arose. These were an offshoot of the Benedictine order, and derived their name from the Abbey of Cluny in Burgundy. The order was distinguished by its emphasis on the most elaborate church ceremonial. Cluniacs were highly regarded in the tenth and eleventh centuries because of this dedication to formal prayer and liturgy. Norman barons often made gifts to Cluniac orders when they wanted someone to pray for them. Tickford Priory was not a true Cluniac order, it remained a Benedictine one but tried to follow the Cluniac ways.
Because, so much of Cluniacs time was devoted to church services that they were unable to perform any manual work and little study. This was probably another reason why the priory at Tickford was not very successful. It never had the manpower available to fulfil all its other duties so that the choir monks could spend most of their time in church.
Pictures of cleric blessing monk and church service, by D. Mynard courtesy of MK Parks Trust