Religion: Tickford Priory

Prayer and Praise

The main function of religious orders was to serve God. Clearly, prayer and worship were central to this, especially in Cluniac monasteries. The monks attended 7 church services a day, starting at 2am and finishing at 7 pm. These took place in the church. Choir monks were those that did not hold office. They were expected to carry out the full round of prayers and services. The Cantor or Precentor was in charge of the chanting of prayers in the abbey choir. The Novice Master oversaw new recruits who were called novices. As well as maintaining discipline he ensured novices learned the Latin prayers by heart.
Every morning the monks met in the Chapter House to hear confessions and a chapter from the rules of St. Benedict. (Although the Chapter House was also where the business of the priory was discussed.)

When the monks were not in the church attending services, which for Cluniac monks was not very often, they could go to the cloisters to think and pray on their own.

Drawings of a church service and monks in the cloisters by D. Mynard courtesy of MK Parks Trust