Willen People

Modern inhabitants hobbies

We simply do not know what Willen villagers did with what little spare time they had in Tudor times. We can, perhaps, hazard a guess that fishing and trapping went on, but whether these were seen as hobbies or activities necessary to supplement a sometimes meagre diet we cannot say.In Victorian times the more well-to-do had time for non-essential activities such as painting and writing (both pastimes of the Bentalls). However, most ordinary villagers still had very little spare time.

In the year 2000 the picture has changed remarkably. All adults and children in the village have at least one hobby, and its not watching the telly! A dramatic example of how life has changed as people have become better off.

The hobbies actively pursued by people in Willen today include :

making music, playing football, badminton, squash, keepfit, horse riding, air rifle shooting, bird watching, fishing (both carried out on the lake), sailing, photography, beer tray collecting (the worlds biggest collection is held in Willen), amateur dramatics, making replicas of scientific instruments, moth collecting and recording, the study of moss and lichens, and of course, creating local history web pages!!