Willen People: War Stories

A letter to Mr Asquith the Prime Minister

One year into World War I, many of the young men of the village were away in the Army and Navy fighting the Germans, (see their names on the roll of honour). Back in Willen a meeting of the adults left in the village, many of whom were parents of those fighting, was held in the school room to gather their views on what the Government should be doing. They decided to write a letter of support to the Prime Minister at that time, Mr Asquith. Here follows a copy of what they wrote in the record of Willen Parish Meetings.
It says: A Special Meeting was held in the School-Room on August 4th 1915 at 7 p.m. at which nearly all the Parishioners were present. When the following resolution was unanimously carried, and duly forwarded by the Chairman to Mr. Asquith the Prime Minister. "That on this Anniversary of the declaration of a righteous War, this Meeting of the Citizens of Willen records once more its inflexible determination to continue to a victorious end the struggle to maintain that ideal of Liberty and Justice, which is the common and sacred cause of the Allies."