Willen Employment

Jobs modern villagers do.

In 2000 nobody works on the land and most adults travel by car to work outside the village. However, thanks to information technology, a surprising number of villagers do still work at home, although instead of making lace, straw hats and baskets they now use keyboards, mouse mats, and faxes to move information about. Two people work in Willen itself, one in the hospice and the other in the modern school.

The following jobs are done (or were done by people who have now retired) by modern villagers :
Job Place of work

Housewife, Willen
Housekeeper, Willen Hospice
Solicitor, Northampton
Health Advisor, Milton Keynes
Civil servant, Milton Keynes
Social policy advisor, Milton Keynes
Novelist, Home


Quality manager, Bletchley
Engineer, Milton Keynes
Company director, Bedford
Interior designer, Home
Warranty manager, Milton Keynes
Factory worker, Milton Keynes
Fostering agency manager, Amptill
Call centre supervisor, Milton Keynes
Managing director of paper company, M.K.
Secretary, Milton Keynes

Information Technology

Computer programmer, Northampton
Computer operator, Milton Keynes
Computer manager, Home
Data analyst, Milton Keynes


Teacher, Willen School
Teacher, Deanshanger
Teacher, Wing
Administrator, Open University
Teacher, Newport Pagnell
Technical trainer, Home
Management trainer/consultant, Home
University science lecturer, Home
Laboratory technician, Bletchley