Willen Daily Life

Shopping for food

In modern Willen hardly anyone grows or raises their own food, a few people have allotments or grow a few vegetables in their gardens, but most gardens are too small to produce very much. The Well has some chickens, but this is unusual. Most people get food by shopping for it. Ordering food on the internet is becoming popular, but most people still like to visit the shops.
With fridges and freezers in almost every home, a whole week's shopping can be done at once at one of the big supermarkets like Tesco. You really need to have a car to do this easily though.
The small supermarket at the local centre is a newsagent and offlicence too. It can provide you with the essentials, and some of the small things you might have forgotten to by at the big supermarket.
If you really haven't got time to cook you can get a meal from one of the takeaway shops at the local centre. Quite a few places like this will also deliver if you ring them up.
This is very different from how it was in Victorian times.