Victorian Tour

View of church up 'The Street'

This watercolour of the church was painted in about 1862 to show the appearance of the church after the construction of the curved apse . It also shows how two of the cottages in The Street (now Milton Rd.) looked in the mid 1800s. These cottages are still in the village in the year 2000 (The Cottage and Rivendell Cottage).
The road is very quiet with no tarmac on it. There is a lady coming down the road, she may be Amelia Goodman coming back from the shops. She lives in the nearer of the cottages shown. There also appears to be a bucket standing in the road. Perhaps, Amelia's neighbour Sarah Landon is fetching water from the well in front of the cottage. The cottage just visible in the distance is where 'old blind Abbot' lived, but it was in a poor state and demolished not long after this picture was painted.

By 1881, the Goodmans were still there but the Landons had been replaced by Frederick Yates and his family.

Picture from the Willen Parish File, CRO Aylesbury