The school remained open during the Summer Holiday of 1940 with each teacher being given 2 weeks leave. The children who went to school spent their days playing games as formal lessons were not conducted.
16th September 1940
“Sixteen evacuees from Ipswich admitted. They have for the time being been merged with the existing organisation.”

20th September 1940
“There are now 35 evacuees in the school. 31 under the official scheme and 4 under private arrangement.”

25th November 1940
“Beginning with today, the school will open at 9.30am and the morning session will end at 12.30. Owing to the continuation of Summer Time throughout the Winter, the cleaner has difficulty in preparing the school in the mornings. Long distance children have to leave home when it is not fully light, and on most mornings during the past fortnight it has been necessary to use lights in school.”

9th November 1940
“Owing to heavy air raids last night(including bombing in the outskirts of the Parish) many children were late this morning.”
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10th April 1941
“Broke up at mid-day for the Easter Holidays. Each child was presented with 2oz sweets bought by Mrs Gage with money sent for West Haddon children by Mrs Congdon of U.S.A”

21st April 1941
“Reopened after Easter Holidays. Mrs Leggett absent on a weeks leave with her husband.”

Between 27th-31st October 1941 the school was closed in order that the older children could help in the potato harvest. Children over the age of 12 years could be released for agricultural work for a period not exceeding 10 days.

11th November 1941
“Armistice Day service taken.”

14th November 1941.
“This afternoon Miss Watson’s room was requisitioned by the Food Controller for the issue of food cards.”

18th June 1942
“This afternoon the Medicinal Herbs Team was taken to collect nettles whilst the remainder of the school had organised games.”

23rd March 1944
“Received one dozen bakelite beakers for use in administering cod liver oil and orange juice to infants.”

27th August 1945
“Reopened after mid-Summer holidays. 92 on roll. (ALL NATIVES.)
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