Log book entries continued...
15th September 1939
"The Barnsby group of evacuees left West Haddon for Oundle this morning at 9.30."

20th September 1939
"Mr Abbott called and left 4 rolls of film to be stuck on the windows to minimise the danger from flying splinters in the event of air raids."

21st September 1939
"This afternoon, use was made of the art/craft period to get some of the above mentioned film attached to the windows."

22nd September 1939
"Two of the evacuees returned to London today."

25th September 1939
"Received emergency first-aid case."

6th October 1939
“Received from Secretary one stirrup hand pump for use in the event of fire caused by incendiary bomb. Received also three buckets for use with the above.”

10th November 1939
“As tomorrow (Saturday) is Armistice Day, a short service of remembrance was taken this morning.....The service included a short silence and concluded with the National Anthem.

By December the number of evacuees had dwindled to one!

1st March 1940
“Whist Drive organised by the Teachers and Scholars raised £6.10s for wool for the soldiers.”

8th March 1940
“The Scholars, in addition to knitting woollen articles for the soldiers are now collecting tin foil for the Lord Mayor’s Fund.”

17th May 1940
“Fire practices held this afternoon.”

24th May 1940
“Ordinary timetable suspended for the Empire Day observances. These were arranged as follows:-
Morning - Lessons on Empire topics
Afternoon(beginning at 3pm) - (1) Hymn - He who would valiant be
(2) Prayers
(3) Short address by Head Master
(4) Saluting the flag
(5) National Anthem

Parents and friends were invited and attended in good numbers, including the Chairman of the Trustees. There was a tableau representing Brittania and the Colonies and after the Empire Day proceedings the children sang national songs and gave a display of dancing and skipping. Receipts £2.12.6."

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