From reading the logbook extracts from the Second World War it is immediately clear that war had come to rural Northamptonshire as distinct from the remoteness of the Great War.

11th September 1939
"During the holidays Great Britain declared war on Germany. Arrangements for evacuating children from London and other towns included a plan to send children to West Haddon. A hundred children were to be received in the village, but upto today, 11th September, only 20 have been sent. Of these, two returned home yesterday, leaving18 to be accommodated here. These 18(Central School children except 4) are accompanied by a teacher, Miss Wall. They are from Barnsbury Central School for Girls(LCC).

Arrangements have been made (and approved by the Northamptonshire Education Committee) for the evacuees to use the room in the Institute adjoining the school.

We reopened school this morning. Seven children were admitted, three of whom are voluntary evacuees under the National Scheme. They have been entered on the registers in the same way as peacetime visitors, until a separate register arrives.

The evacuees under the scheme form a separate unit, with Miss Wall in charge but under the supervision of the Head Master. A temporary timetable has been drawn up. no register has arrived for these evacuees, so for the time being they have been entered on a spare(last terms)register. Supplies of books and other necessary materials have been issued from our stock for their use.

The timetable was temporarily suspended this morning in order that new books might be issued, new stock opened, and so that the school might be instructed in air raid precautions. Air raid drill was taken in all classes under direct supervision of the Head Master, who is an Air Raid Warden."

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