Log Book Entries Contined
13th October 1916
“School used for Red Cross sale.”

20th October 1916
“Trafalgar Day celebrated. The Head teacher gave a short talk on “Duty”, patriotic songs were sung and poems recited. At the close the National Anthem was sung and the flag saluted.”

12th December 1916
“Messrs. Hartley, Millican, H.M.Is and Gilbert visited this afternoon and explained the War Savings Scheme to the Head Master.”

15th December 1916
“Leaflets explaining the War Savings Scheme have been freely distributed. The Head Teacher has had talks with the children on the matter.”

27th/28th March 1917
“School closed again through lack of coal.”

30th March 1917
“Infants room thermometer registered 38F. School closed.”

2nd April 1917
“Coal delivered. School in the afternoon.”

24th May 1917
“Empire Day celebrated.”

21st September and 2nd October 1917 - Half holidays were given in the afternoons for blackberry picking.

23rd November 1917
“Mrs Kennel absent today - husband home on final leave before going on foreign service.”

28th May 1918
“Many children absent in afternoon on account of a naval funeral.”

The school was closed on 11th November 1919, Armistice Day due to an outbreak of influenza.

1st May 1919
“I, Otho Leonard Ash, Trained Certificated Teacher take over duties as Head Master.”

26th May 1919
“Clebrated Empire Day by a talk to the children, patriotic songs and extended playtime.”

28th May 1919
“Holiday tomorrow 29th. Ascension Day. Soldiers Welcome Tea etc. when schools are required.”

18th July 1919
“Organised games in the playground today from 11.00-12.00 as a Peace Celebration.

1st August 1919
“School closed for Summer Holidays at noon today for 6 weeks. The last week granted by the King’s wish as a Peace Celebration.”

11th November 1919
“This being the first anniversary of Armistice Day, in accordance with the Kings wish a two minutes silence was observed in the school from 11.00 to 11.2am. The King’s speech was read and a talk to the children by Head Teacher.”
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