The story of life at school during the two world wars can be charted using entries from the school log books dating from that period.
Beginning with the FIRST WORLD WAR.

2nd October 1914
“No school today - sale of work for war funds.”

2nd November 1914
“Mr Brunner (headmaster) absent.”

4th November 1914
“Supply teacher, Mrs Kennel, arrived.”

11th January 1915
“Took charge here today. M.M.Haines of the Emergency Staff.”

25th January 1915
“Acting on instructions from the office I restarted the gardening class today.”

10th February 1915
“Mr Lawrence the gardening inspector visited and advised me to get the garden ready for sewing broad beans.”

March 1915 - School attendance was low due to a measles epidemic and an outbreak of ringworm amongst the children.”

3rd May 1915
“John Dunbar of the Emergency Staff takes charge this day.”

21st May 1915
“School closed at 3.45pm for Whitsuntide after a short address by Hd Teacher on the British Empire and singing of patriotic songs by scholars in celebration of Empire Day."

Early September 1915 - Attendance was poor due to many children being absent to help gather in the harvest.

19th November 1915
“DMOH notice to close the school for 1 week owing to a Scarlet Fever epidemic.”

28th March 1916
“School closed due to a very heavy snowstorm....... Coal house blocked with snow - caretaker unable to light the school fires.”

24th May 1916
“Empire Day was celebrated today in this school in the following manner:
(1) Suitable address to the children.
(2) Singing of patriotic songs.
(3) Collection to provide comforts for soldiers in the fighting line.”

21st July 1916
“Head Teacher absent during the morning having been called up by the Military Authorities for medical examination. John Dunbar of the Emergency Staff concludes his duties as Acting Head teacher of this school today.”

24th July1916
“Frank Walton, Trained Certificated Teacher, took charge this morning.”

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