Gardening was a very important part of the school curriculum, certainly before the First World War.
Gardening with the boys was included in the headmasters job description for 1914

In October 1915, (which was the end of the school year at that time) the log states that gardening was “for boys 11 years of age and upwards.” Plots were worked on the “dual” system with a common plot. “Mr Brunner (headmaster) to take.”

It was especially important during the two World Wars when the produce from the garden made a valuable contribution to rations.

When the boys were in the garden, the girls were taught needlework.

The LEA Horticultural Inspector visited the gardens a couple of times a term. He would advise on what to grow and how to prepare the ground.
A page from the
garden order book.
The picture below was taken in the 1920’s of the gardening class.
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