At the start of the year 1889, on January the 31st, "A Penny Bank was started in connection with the school, with the result that eleven joined"
This obviously proved popular, as by November the number of depositors had increased to forty two, and the sum saved amounted to £10.70.
By July of the next year, the young savers had managed to amass"considerably over £20." That year, the School Cricket Club had "been in abeyance" and had a small balance in hand. The Headmaster Mr Crowe, handed it to the Penny Bank to be divided amongst the Depositors,

Log Book Entry January 12th 1891

"The Penny Bank Depositors to the number of 45 had their books returned to them today with interest added to them to the amount of 6d to those who have deposited 10/- and upwards; and 3d t depositors of less tham 10/- . The Institution continues to be popular with Children and parents."

Thereafter the interest was added each January.

Dr Harday, one of the school Trustees, was the Treasurer of the Penny Bank for some time, until June 29th 1899, when he resigned. The books were handed back to the new Headmaster,Mr Cockram, on the third day of his duties.

And the final word;

29th September 1925 Mr Ach writes:

"A set of Library books (28) in number bought with the interest accumulated by Penny Bank closed some time ago. This money was earmarked by the Managers at the Headmaster's suggestion for this purpose."