In November 1969 Daventry County Architect examined the school site to draw plans for the new buildings, two weeks later the surveyors arrived to take levels.
The new school was built during 1971 on the high ground above the old school building.
Steve Bass remebers the School House being pulled down and the new building being built
This meant the school was in two separate buildings, with the main entrance in the middle. The area between the two was laid to lawn with old fruit trees including apple, plum and cherry. Part of the large cherry tree was felled by groundstaff in November 1984 as it was in danger of falling through the roof of the school hall. There was also a fish pond with paved surround.
The new building contained three large classrooms with cloakrooms, an activity area used for crafts and the library, and the administration rooms. The heating was by oil-fired boiler which broke down regularly. Its flue was extended by three feet in 1982. The roof was of flat construction and was in constant need of repair due to leakage. This has not changed over the years!
The (lower) building accomodated the school hall, a classroom, the staffroom, which had been converted from the pottery room and thegirls' and boys' cloakrooms.
The lower playground was stillused for the infants, as well as the upper one . The school playing field was marked out around May of each year by the groundstaff, for athletics and football, and the top playground for netball.

The Reverend Porteus blessed the school, class by class, on the 24th of February 1972.
It was opened, amidst great publicity, that year.