Below is a list of May Kings & Queens through the years.
Date Title Names
1905 Queen Eda (Edith) Dennett
1906 Queen Evelyn Watts

Maids of Honour Gertie Adams, Winnie Knight

Pages Teddy Watts, Harold Robbins
1937 Queen Florence Elizabeth Garrett
22.5.1947 Empire Day May Day combined

26.7.1951 Festival Queen
24.7.1953 Festival Queen Angela Marlow
27.7.1956 School Festival
Penelope Dickens
1973 Queen Sally Bass

Maid of Honour Carol Cottrell

Jack in the Green Neil O’Shaughnessy
Crowned by Mr Orland
1.5.74 Queen Lynn Stafferton
Crowned by Mrs Flo Jones
1.5.75 Queen Clare Goodridge
Crowned by Mr Lattimore
1976 Queen Rachel Drewett
Crowned by Miss Barbara Heygate
1.5.1980 Queen Hayley Smith

Attendants Jane Swinfen
Louise Atterbury
Sharon King

Page Jason Stratford

Jack in the Green James Frost
1994 Queen Clare Greenfield

King Sam Bates
1995 Queen Laura Pitts

King Philip Perryman
1996 Queen Gemma Humphreys

King Joe Webber
1997 Queen Lucy Izzard

King Christopher Langsford
1998 Queen Jessie Lowick

King Sean Humphreys
1999 Queen Kerry Prosser

King Tim Dixon