Between the years of 1925 and 1950 the May festivities gave way to Empire Day
In 1946 the school celebrated Victory Day and May Day together so there were two Queens.
Here is Enid Webb talking about her experiences of May Day.
Log Book entries between the years of 1925-1950
5th May 1926
Holiday granted for Ascension Day.

24th May 1927
Empire Day was celebrated today by the whole school. The wireless celebration was also used.

16th May 1928
School closed at 4.0pm today for two days, Ascension Day and South Northants Sports at Towcester.

17th May 1929
Empire Day celebrated. Talk by Headmaster. National and Patriotic songs. Saluting the flag.

23rd May 1930
Empire Day celebrations. Saluting the flag. Talk by Headmaster. National songs and National Anthem.

22nd May 1931
School Broadcast for Empire Day taken from 11.0 to 11.45 am by the Upper School. Lessons given by the Teachers to their classes and suitable hymns and songs. A talk by Headmaster to whole school and saluting the Union Jack.

24th May 1932
Winwick children unable to attend as road was flooded. 3.05ins. rain since 13th. Empire Day was celebrated in our usual way, eg. Singing of National Hymns and the Prayer for Empire Day. Talk by Headmaster to Upper School and teachers gave lessons to their individual classes.

24th May 1933
Empire Day celebrated. Talk by Headmaster on ‘The British Empire and The League of Nations.” Singing of Patriotic Hymns and National Anthem. Lessons based on Empire Day. Saluting the Union Jack.

24th May 1935
Empire Day was celebrated. Hoisted furled Union Jack and Salute. Talk by Headmaster and lessons in individual classes by class teachers. Wireless talk by Earl Jellicoe.