By 1905 the May Day celebrations had been developed as a school event involving gathering flowers, dancing round the maypole and singing.
Photograph taken in the early 1900’s on the field at the back of the school.
Log book entries

1 May 1912
Several children are absent celebrating Mayday.

1 May 1914
The schools were closed today - May day.

1 May 1918
Fifteen children absent this morning “May garlanding.” I have written the S.A.O. asking him to give the matter immediate attention.
Cutting taken from local Newpaper 1906
Cutting taken from local Newspaper 1907

May Day was again celebrated by the children of the Heygate School in a Maypole Dance. Two poles were erected in the school play ground, and 16 boys and girls danced round the larger, and 12 small children round the smaller pole. Miss Atterbury, Miss K Thompson, Miss Adams and Miss E Cockram conducted the preceedings and had prepared the children. A collection was taken after each performance - at three and six pm - and realised £1.17s., which will be devoted to providing a treat when the weather is more favourable. The village was paraded, and a dance was performed on the green near the Almshouses to allow the old people an opportuinity of seeing it. The Queen was Miss Eda Dennett, who was enthroned in state, and was, of course, crowned with a floral wreath. Mr H Clarke kindly lent his field for the necessary practises before the public event. The day was exceedingly windy, but fine.

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