Jan 5th 1874 Emma Blincow left to learn Lace-making.

March 12th 1880 Several girls are irregular being employed on making ‘beaded fringe’

Jan 28th 1881 A child who has been attending the Infant School, died today of diptheria.

Jany 9th 1882 School re-opened this morning with a very fair attendance although several children are absent patrolling the village in a variety of costumes as “plough boys" in the hope of obtaining alms from the charitably disposed. A few others are away attending birthday parties.

July 14th 1882 A holiday was given on the 13th to allow of the attendance of Band-of-Hope Scholars at a Temperance Demonstration at Althorpe Park.

July 25th.1882 West Haddon Floral Fete Holiday.

January 11th1884 The School was again closed this afternoon owing to the Master’s illness. Arthur Furniss’s name has been this week removed from the Register having left to assist his father. He had passed Std VI and was the top boy of the school.

March 7th 1884 The West Haddon Market opened this morning and a large number of my IV, V, VI, and VII Standard boys attended it in the hope of picking up a few coppers as drovers.

April 25th 1884 ...”Robinson Crusoe” Readers have been obtained during the Quarter for the Upper Classes.

July 31st 1884 Fredk and Thos Rudd have this week been withdrawn from school, having obtained admission in a Birmingham Orphanage.

Oct 8th 1884 H M Inspector of Factories visited the School this afternoon to enquire if any breaches of the Factory Acts had been committed in connection with the School from the introduction of “corset-making” into the village.

Nov13th to Dec 28th1885 School closed between these two dates owing to an Epidemic of Measles.
Jany 1st 1886 Three children who died during the dates above have this week had their names removed from Registers.

April 23rd 1888. Heard yesterday with the most extreme regret of the death from a gun accident of our correspondent for the Schools, and Chairman of the Trustees - Mr. Percival.

April 27th The children of the school, headed by the Trustees and accompanied by the Teachers attended the funeral of Mr Percival this afternoon. The whole of the Scholars contributed towards a very nice wreath, which was laid upon the Coffin, in affectionate and respectful memory. His acts of generosity and kindness towards the School and the Scholars have been many and his memory will long be cherished as that of a true friend and benefactor.

Jany 31st 1889 Penny Bank started
Jany 17th 1890 The Pytchley Hunt today ran a fox into the village and proved so exciting to the scholars and kept so many away that school was closed.

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