This web-site has been produced with the combined help of our whole community for which we are truly grateful. Without their help this project would never have been possible.

A special thank you to the head teacher and all the staff who have helped us with our queries and their kindness in giving up part of their staff room for us to work in, has been much appreciated.

Thank you to all the people who gave up their time so that we could interview them.

And thank you to all the staff at the Open University and Living Archive; this course has been truly rewarding and the amount of new skills we have learnt is amazing. The course has given us all the possibility of using our new found skills later and some of us have already been approached by other people interested in them creating us a web-sitefor them.

We would also like to thank our families for their help and support.

List of people we would like to thank:
Sidney Adams
Helen Armitt-Warnes
Jean Baker
Steve Bass
Rita David
Carol Fleming
Barbara Heygate
Carol Large
Miss Lorna Lattimore
Madeline Litchfield
Sue Martins
Enid OShaughnessy
Greta Orcherton
Rhoda Pearcey
Ros Shaw
Pauline Smith
Hilda Stanley
Canon David Staples
Jill Warnes
Jane Windsor

The Local History group
The Open University Staff
The Living Archive Staff
Northampton Library
Our Thanks to Northamptonshire Record Office for the gracious use of the following pieces of information:

NRO 147P/78
NRO SA26(a)
NRO NF70/1
NRO NF70/2