Our clutch Club comprises 5 full members, a mentor and two reserves.

When we started this project none of us knew how much we would learn or if we would ever be able to switch on the computer to even get started. With the tremendous help and support from both the Open University and the Living Archive this award has turned 5 full time mums and one teacher into computer Geeks! producing the web pages you can see.

It has been a wonderful experience for us all.

Our mentor Gill Dixon has been a great support and has really been a full time member of the group from the very beginning.

Sue Withnall our group leader has done a marvellous job of making sure all the pieces of information have come together to make the web-site what it is today.

Jane Porter has amazed us with her speed typing, without her we would have needed at least another two months just to input the information we have collected.

Louise and Kim have collected research that has been lost in dusty attics and hidden away in boxes so that we can share it with you. Louise has also been our financier organising our expenses and chasing us for invoices. Without her help we would all be a lot poorer.

Nicola has turned into a Techno Whiz and put all the information gathered onto the web.

We have had many challenges on the way, with members going back to full time work and Jane even giving us our extra member as you can see in the photograph above.
It has been a great opportunity for us all to make friends, research our village school and learn about the wonders of the Internet.

If there is any one thing that we could share with any other group thinking of taking on this award it would be:
"If we can do it so can you!!!!"