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From the MK Herald, September 1971
From the MK Herald, September 1970

Wellsmead Infants opened its doors for the first time on Monday.

It is the only one of its kind in North Bucks, catering for 200 children between the ages of five and the new top age of eight.

Headmistress is Mrs. Jill Webberley, who comes from Abbeys Infants, where she was deputy headmistress.

Only at Wellsmead on the Counties Estate - another new school to be opened this week - is there a known problem, with one class of 30 having to go by coach to Castles Infants School to be taught.

Wellsmead has been built as a Middle School to take 320 children, but until the adjacent First School is ready next year, it will have to take both infants and juniors and there are over 400 in the catchment area.

By using all available space, all but one class of juniors has been accommodated