6.1.94 13 "Rising 5's" were admitted to school bringing the NOR to 1994.

12.1.94 Sunshine Playgroup started their Wednesday morning sessions here - 21 children aged 4, attended. Parents and staff were welcomed with tea/coffee and a positive start was made with this new venture.

13.4.94 18 "Rising 5's" admitted into school during the afternoon bringing the NOR to 220.

4.5.94 I visited Horizon Radio for a short interview on our TES award for Annual report.

5.5.94 Another interview re our TES award, this time with Three Counties Radio. Steve Dunning and Jackie Bentley also participated.

7.6.94 School opened 3 transfers in bringing NOR to 223.

12.9.94 NOR 168.

7.11.94 Measles immunisation programme started.