Mrs Humphries

Clearly recalls her role as a member of the Wellsmead First School Welfare staff. That was some 23 years ago when the school consisted of two classrooms and small huts in the playground area. A far cry from the established 1971 building that has now become a familiar site to the local residents.

Mrs Humpries' duties were wide and varied, but very enjoyable including helping children with special needs, classroom help with art, music, drama, reading and writing. Involvement in Christmas Parties, office work, dance classes, distributing Harvest Festival collections to local pensioners, help at governors meetings and organising classroom furniture movement, all made a very busy thirty hours working week!

To continue her commitment to the school she attended First Aid training and also general further experience at various schools. Her most vivid memories been at nearby school, Romans Field School, Bletchley.

She remembers the athlete runner Derek Redmond at Wellsmead First School. As a small boy Mrs Humphries described him as 'a very skinny boy with very long legs' - who loved running even then!

Another well known achiever, Mrs Sue Walters the International Hockey Player is also remembered in her previous role as a Wellsmead First School Teacher.

Mrs Humphries has received various Achievement Awards for her hard work, training and loyalty to the school. It must have been an enjoyable and satisfying 23 years for Mrs Humphries at Wellsmead First School, as she still takes part in all the organised trips today.