Our Interview with Derek Redmond
Derek Redmond attended Wellsmead First School from when it opened in 1971. We interviewed him by telephone at the beginning of December 2000. Below is the transcript of the interview.

Q1. What years did you attend Wellsmead First School?
Derek: I was one of the first pupils. I think it was 1971 until 1974 then I went to Coldharbour School.

Q2. What memories do you have of your time at the School?
Derek: Good memories, I certainly can't remember anything bad.

Q3. Do you have any old School photographs?
Derek: Not personally, but my mother probably has. I'll ask her to contact you.

Q4. What were your favourite subjects?
Derek: I always loved sports in particular.

Q5. What subjects were you good at?
Derek: Once again sport.

Q6. Do you remember any of the teachers, and who was your favourite?
Derek: I remember Mrs Webberley the headmistress and Mr Saheed, an indian teacher who unfortunately died while I was at the school. I can also remember Mrs. Humphries.

Q7. What were your interests at school?
Derek: Once again I was interested in running and PE and sports.

Q8. Do you have any old School reports?
Derek: I don't, but my mum may have kept them.

Q9. Do you keep in touch with any friends you made at Wellsmead?
Derek: No, people move on and lose touch.

Q10. Would you be interested in coming to visit the children at Wellsmead, and have your photograph taken with them?
Derek: I would love to come back to the school one day.

Q11. You have some incredible photographs on your web site, could we use them on your famous pupil page?
Derek: I have no objection, you can use anything you want to. You have to contact the people who actually own the photographs. Nick Loft at Allsports, based in London.

Derek's web site address is: http://www.derekredmond.com