We would like to thank the following people for their help and support in the making and creation of these web pages
THE MILLENNIUM COMMISSION for selecting our group from the many applications they received and funding the formation of the Two Mile Ash CLUTCH Club.
THE LIVING ARCHIVE especially Jane Whild , Colin Barrett and Zena Flinn who helped us with day to day problems and advised us on financial aspects
THE OPEN UNIVERSITY for the technical support given to us by Shamus Foster, Kevin Quick and Sarah. For the supply of an iMac computer and accessories to enable us to create the web site
THE TWO VILLAGE ARCHIVE TRUST Geoff and Joy Dawe for sharing their research with us and for their time and knowledge. Also for providing some of the old photographs used on the web site.
AYLESBURY RECORDS OFFICE For Allowing us to use information stored at the records office.
RAY SMITH For drawing all the buildings within Milton Keynes village, enabling us to create our distinctive buildings page and also for the use of his digital camara to obtain photographs
LEN GIFFARD Who talked to us about his sculptor work and describing the background to "The Spirit Of Milton Keynes" statuette in the community hall at Milton Keynes village.
TRISH GIFFARD Who opened the church and climbed the tower in order for us to obtain photographs of the church bells.
TONY TUNBRIDGE For letting us film him whilst interviewing and also for planting the tree over the millennium TIME capsule buried in the pub grounds
THE SWAN INN Staff for being so helpful and allowing the children of TwoMile Ash Middle School to help bury the Time Capsule in their garden.
SCOTT FOREST, MURIEL LESTER,COLIN HOWKINS AND BRIAN EGAN Who all allowed us to interview them to obtain an insight in to village life
PAOLO CAPASSO AND PETER MANNING Parents interested in the project who unfortunately could not complete the course. Their initial input has been put to good use.
BRIAN GIGGINS Head of Archaeology at Milton Keynes Council .Many thanks to him for allowing us to use some of his illustrations and material relating to Birds' cottage.
CHRIS MURRAY For locating artefacts and putting us in touch with students from DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY who provided us with photograhs of Iron Age and Saxon items.
JIM HUDSON M.B.E. HEAD TEACHER AT TWO MILE ASH MIDDLE SCHOOL Sincere thanks for allowing us to use the school premises after hours and of course SARAH NORRISS, CLAIRE BRITNELL & SIMON MOSS for their help.
RON AND BETTY BOWEN for taking the time and trouble to visit Bromsgrove church to obtain images of Sir Humphrey Staffords tomb.