The School House
The Old School House with original bell tower still intact.
The plan to the left shows the larger room on the left as the boys' class and the smaller front room as the girls' class. Opposite members of the sex were expected to enter the school from their own entrance way. As you can see the school, founded by Reverend John Neale Dalton, was built in 1859. It would then have accommodated 60 children, previously taught in the school room housed in the church chancel area.This school was promoted by the National Society for the education of the poor in the principles of the established church
Original plan courtesy of Aylesbury Records Office.
Mains electricity wasn't installed until 1935
This is how the building looks today, it has lost the bell tower that had been situated at the front of the building. This is now the local Community Centre but is still used by young children most mornings.
This last photograph shows some of the children who attended the school around 1929.
Today the children of Milton Keynes village have to travel by bus to Newport Pagnell to receive their schooling.